Feel Safer and More Secure while Shopping Online Using Paypal

Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Paypal has added an extra layer of security to protect your purcases. Now, you can shop with confidence and explore much more than you did before. Now, Paypal add for Buyer Protection. The PayPal Buyer Protection policy helps you recover payments made with PayPal for eligible items purchased anywhere on all websites that accepts PayPal as a payment method (eBay or all other websites). Thanks to PayPal Buyer Protection, you can now recover your payments for goods you've purchased but did not receive (this protection is known as "item not received").

The Buyer Protection policy protects you if you've bought eligible items under these circumstances:
  • By purchasing items which are tangible like physical goods that can be shipped.
  • By making a purchase anywhere that accepts PayPal as a payment method.
  • By keeping your PayPal account in "good standing".
  • By making a payment via PayPal in one single amount for the full price of the item. Items purchased with multiple payments (like a deposit followed by a final payment) do not qualify.
For more info please Visit : Buyer Protection Official Site
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Sabtu, Juni 19, 2010